Welcome to Eden University – one of Zambia’s fastest growing universities.

Born with teeth and striving to rank among the country’s best, Eden University has a short but very rich history of academic growth. Since its registration as a private University in 2016 with two schools, Eden University has rapidly expanded its size and reputation to six schools and a student population of about 7,000.

Our vision is “to be an international Christian model of choice, dynamically shaping the future”. We are dedicated to encouraging transformation, putting out great effort to ensure the long-term viability of our organization, and pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Our academic staff pride themselves in the quality of their teaching and student support. The majority of our programmes are grounded in practice, thus ensuring that our students are ready for the world of work and/or self-employment when they complete their studies. While our research footprint is still small, it is our desire to expand our reach and grow our profile beyond our age within a short time. We are open to partner with government, industry, and other institutions of higher learning to deliver relevant, innovative, high-quality research with real impact on the country.

Underpinning the rapid growth of the University are our core values: Christian beliefs, accountability, integrity, equity and academic and professional excellence. These values inform our commitment to improve the lives and wellbeing of the stakeholders and the communities in our vicinity.

The community at Eden University is active, diverse, and international and is made up of incredibly gifted students, lecturers, researchers, and a variety of other professionals who are all dedicated to making the world a better place. Our faculty and students are drawn from a wide range of Zambian and international communities. Every person has something to offer to thequality and development of Eden University and we encourage one another to put forth the effort necessary to become leaders in this rapidly changing world, not just to obtain degrees or gain notoriety.

In addition to providing access to attractive job prospects and self-employment, higher education can support the development of young democracies such as Zambia’s and around the world. Each of us must be aware of the problems facing our nation and our own obligations in order to be good citizens. In this way, education may influence how society functions as a whole. We are proud and excited that many Eden University graduates are currently transforming society with the knowledge and abilities they acquired while at Eden University.

You can learn more about life and work at this emerging University by exploring this website. Additional to its two campuses in Balarstone Park and Great East Road, Eden University also maintains two satellite campuses in Chipata in Zambia’s Eastern Province and Mansa in the Luapula Province. Please visit us on one of our yearly open days if you are considering studying at Eden University, or make arrangements with the Admissions Office to take a guided tour of our main campus.

I think this is a great moment to be at Eden University despite the numerous difficulties we face both as a university and as a nation. We look forward to taking the journey with you through study, industry, community or partnership opportunities to bring about genuine and impactful change at this time.

Dr. Alvert N. Ng’andu, PhD
Vice Chancellor