School of Medicine

Our Goal

the goal of the school is to provide the baseline training for foundational courses to students who wish to pursue a career in Medicine, Fire engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Clinical medical sciences, and Environmental health. Once a student completes the foundation natural sciences, they progress to other schools of their choice to pursue a career of their choice.

The first year of training introduces students to entry level natural sciences, which enhance student’s problem-solving skills and provide the breadth of knowledge and practical skills to prepare students for further training.

The Dean of the School

Dr. Flavien Bumbangi(MD, MSc, PhD Fellow)

Dr Bumbangi N. Flavien is a graduate from the University of Kinshasa with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and a subsequent Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB with Distinction). He further pursued his master’s degree at the University of Zambia where he obtained his specialty in Epidemiology (One Health) with a focus on infectious disease epidemiology, antimicrobial resistance, public health and food safety. He is currently a PhD fellow at the University of Zambia. He started his career as a Staff Development Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine, School of Public Health at the University of Kinshasa and later joined Eden University (Zambia) in 2014 where he pioneered most of the health and medical programmes. Dr Flavien is also the founding Dean of the School of Medicine at Eden University. He is an experienced lecturer and manager at a tertiary level of education in both private and government English and French-speaking countries. He is an external examiner in various institutions and government agencies, an experienced researcher with a tracked record of peer-reviewed publications and funded research grants. He has experience in designing and implementing research studies involving collaborative partners at national, regional and international levels; and he has further undertaken several consultancies in his area of specialization.