Miles Mutale aka “Wowza popsicles”  a final year student in clinical medicine at Eden university who is paying his own tuition fees through the selling of popsicles appeals to fellow students to embrace entrepreneurship while pursuing their various programs.

Miles joined Eden university to pursue clinical medicine, but financial challenges resulted in him withdrawing from the program for a year when his family was unable to pay his tuition fees.

However, the situation did not break miles. He decided to take advantage of the huge population of students at Eden University and used the little money he had saved to start a small business selling popsicles as a way of fundraising. However, what started as a fundraising venture has now turned into a fully-fledged business.

Despite the challenges faced, miles did not relent but remained steadfast in his pursuit to establish his business.

In 2018, the business began to expand in terms of the clientele base, and in 2019 so did his stock. Miles continuously enticed his clients by offering door-to-door delivery service even if it meant delivering one popsicle at a time. This earned the loyalty of his customers and managed to raise enough money to put himself back in school and will soon be graduating.

He has since dominated the Eden university market in the sale of popsicles and has expanded his product line to include an assortment of ice creams. His resilience has now earned him his own shop.

Borrowing from his experience, he took the opportunity to encourage other students to utilize the conducive business environment that Eden university has created to engage in some form of business as a way of raising money and supplementing their parents’ efforts.

He called on students especially new students experiencing university life for the first time to guard their resources jealously.

“Do not worry about the beginning but invest both your time and money in making that business grow” Mutale




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Public Relations Officer

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July 15, 2022

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July 15, 2022

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