Public health nursing is a specialized field of nursing that focuses on the health needs of communities and their practice applied to promoting and protecting the health of the population. The nursing care practice for Public Health Nurses focuses on the community as the client. Currently the population of aged and chronically ill patients is on the increase, coupled with the complex socio economic conditions.  These  have contributed to ill – health, which increases hospital care expenses. Evidence suggests that increasing attention to healthy lifestyles and healthy behaviours prevents health problems and reduces health risk and threats. Strengthening the Public Health-care system based on primary health care is thus the focus of health-care management system with Professional Public Health Nurse Providers being the anchor of the health care system to the entire community to meeting the demands of community health care as well as achieving the mission statement of the Ministry of Health which is ‘’to bring health services as close as possible to communities’ especially those in hardest-to- reach rural geolocations.