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In order to realize our vision we purse the UPREACH,INREACH AND OUTREACH Programme.This programme provides an environment for spiritual grouth,i.e communing with Christ daily in prayer,feeding on His word,Meditating on it and on his providence, singing His praises and gathering daily for worship and participate in His mission.

UP-REACH(TO GOD): This places emphasis on growing in Christ through an intimate and committed relationship experienced through prayer, devotions, and fasting sessions, thus resulting into a life of obedience and total faithfulness in all aspects of life (STEWARDSHIP) this us implements through:

  • Daily morning devotions
  • Tuesday and Thursday prayer and fasting sessions.
  • Encourage personal testimonies on the incredible power of prayer among the students.
  • INREACH(SELF): This places emphasis on encouraging student to spend quality time reading the bible and other spiritual literature, which is an important ingredient to spiritual growth. We implement this through:

  • Conducting a variety of bible study topies proposed by the students on Sabbath afternoon in order to meet their spiritual needs.
  • OURREACH (OTHERS): This places emphasis on encouraging students to get involved in personal evangelism on a one-one basis. We implement this by:
  • Conducting a personal evangelism course and form prayer cells among students.

  • Pastor

    Chanda Mwenya
    Department of Chaplaincy

    Eden University

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